9 Best Bakeware for Air Fryer: Say Goodbye to Soggy Snacks

Air fryers are the new baking craze and with good reason. They cook food quickly and evenly, meaning snacks will always be tender and crispy.

However, not all bakeware is compatible with air frying, so it’s important to choose the right pieces. Here are nine of the best bakeware items for use in an air fryer.

Our Favorite Best Bakeware for Air Fryer


Chicago Metallic


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  • BPA free

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Suitable for all types of air fryers

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Non-stick coating

  • Easy to clean

  • Durable and sturdy materials

  • Fit most air fryers

  • Easy to clean

  • The product may get damaged if the package is dropped

  • Not suitable for large families

  • Doesn't include a cooling mat

Rating 9.2

Rating 9.2

Rating 8.8

1. COSORI Air Fryer Accessories, Set of 6 Fit for Most 5.8Qt and Larger Oven Cake & Pizza Pan, Metal Holder, Skewer Rack & Skewers, etc

Looking for a way to make healthier meals for your family? Check out these new BPA-free cooking accessories! Made of safe and healthy food-grade materials, these baking accessories are perfect for making a variety of healthier meals for your family. With these 6 piece accessory kits, you’ll have everything you need.

q? encoding=utf8&asin=b07qhszgxc&format= sl320 &id=asinimage&marketplace=us&serviceversion=20070822&ws=1&tag=mayrika 20&language=en uscosori air fryer accessories, set of 6 fit for most 5.8qt and larger oven cake & pizza pan, metal holder, skewer rack & skewers

These air fryer accessories are perfect for making french fries, onion rings, chicken strips, roast vegetables, pizzas, cookies, biscuits, fish, mozzarella sticks, pork, corn dogs, prawns, broccoli, and many others with better taste.

The accessory kit includes 1 x cake pan, 1 x pizza pan, 1 x metal holder, 1 x multi-purpose rack with 5 skewers, 1 x Silicone Mat, and 1 x egg bites mold with lid. It is perfect for COSORI 5.8Qt air fryers (CP158, CS158, CP358, CS358, CO158, CP258), also fit for larger air fryers, applicable for the Gowise USA, Philips, Ninja, Instant Pot, and most brands of the air fryer.

The included accessories (Egg Bites Mold, Cake Pan, Pizza Pan, Metal Holder, Rack and Skewers, Silicone Mat) expand what you can make and even increase your cooking area in the air fryer. 


  • BPA free.
  • Made of high-quality silicone material and food-grade plastic, which are safe for kids and pets.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Suitable for all types of air fryers.
  • The set includes 6 pieces of accessories.


  • The product may get damaged if the package is dropped.

2. 50 PCS Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liner, Round Air Fryer Liners, Natural Parchment Paper for Air Fryer, Oil-Proof, Food Grade Paper Liner for Baking Roasting Microwave (7.9 Inch, for 5-8QT Air Fryer)

Looking for an easy way to keep your air fryer clean? Look no further than these disposable parchment paper liners! Made with food-grade parchment paper, these liners are 100% healthy and prevent any food residues from sticking to your air fryer.

q? encoding=utf8&asin=b09y59lk9p&format= sl320 &id=asinimage&marketplace=us&serviceversion=20070822&ws=1&tag=mayrika 20&language=en us50 pcs air fryer disposable paper liner

These air fryer paper liners are designed with food-grade parchment paper with quality in mind, which is waterproof, oil-proof, non-stick, and 100% healthy.

Easy to use, lightweight, and practical keeps any kind of food at its most perfect looking without affecting the taste of the food. Heat resistance can withstand temperatures up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Easy to use.
  • Convenient and useful.
  • It can keep your air fryer clean.
  • Made from safe materials.
  • Affordable.


  • Small for some air fryers.

3. Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Toaster Oven, Air Fryer Bakeware Set, 4-Piece, Carbon Steel

Looking for an easy and versatile way to cook individual meals? Look no further than this set of four carbon steel baking pans! Perfect for smaller kitchens, the set includes a 9.5-inch by 6.25-inch baking pan, a 9.25-inch by 6-inch cooling rack, an 11-inch by 7-inch roast/cake pan, and a 6-cup muffin pan.

The pans are oven safe to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and have a non-stick coating for easy cleanup. Dishwasher safe but hand wash recommended.

q? encoding=utf8&asin=b0001wpna4&format= sl320 &id=asinimage&marketplace=us&serviceversion=20070822&ws=1&tag=mayrika 20&language=en uschicago metallic non-stick toaster oven, air fryer bakeware set

These 4 versatile baking pans are great for individual meals, reheating leftovers, and all pieces nestle requiring limited storage space. Made from heavy-weight carbon steel for superior heat conduction and even baking.


  • Dishwasher safe.
  • It is a great investment.
  • The non-stick coating makes them easier to clean.
  • Crafted from heavy-weight carbon steel.


  • Not suitable for large families.

4. LOTTELI KITCHEN Air Fryer Accessories 6pcs Set for Dual Basket, Nonstick Air Fryer Accessory With Cake Pan, Pizza Pan, Multi-Layer Rack, Skewer Rack, Egg Bite Mold, Tongs, Fits Double Basket Air Fryers

Looking for an accessory set that will make your air fryer even more versatile? Look no further than the 6 Piece Accessory Set.

This set comes with a heat-resistant cake pan, pizza pan, multi-purpose metal rack, metal skewer rack, egg bite mold with lid, and tongs to help you make bread, pizzas, pies, kebabs, and more while saving you time and effort.

q? encoding=utf8&asin=b09pdc8mq3&format= sl320 &id=asinimage&marketplace=us&serviceversion=20070822&ws=1&tag=mayrika 20&language=en uslotteli kitchen air fryer accessories 6pcs set

The cooking accessories for air fryers are made using durable and sturdy materials while following strict quality control guidelines without relying on BPA or harsh materials. They are made to handle high temperatures and provide long-term use.

The cake pan and skillet pan are non-stick so you can cook your favorite dishes without worrying about any sticking. They also make thoughtful holiday gifts for friends and family to add more convenience and versatility to their air fryers.

These air frying accessories are suitable for use with most 3.7Qt – 4.2Qt dual basket air fryers to offer more cooking options while keeping the costs down. Compatible with Ninja, Instant Vortex, Chefman, Bella, Philips, and NuWave Air Fryers.

These non-stick pans and metal racks are made with everyday use and convenience in mind. The kitchen accessories for air fryers are dishwasher safe, rust-resistant, and a breeze to clean to make sure you can use them with peace of mind.


  • Made from durable and sturdy materials.
  • Made to handle high temperatures and provide long-term use.
  • Made to fit most air fryers.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • The set doesn’t include a cooling mat or baking sheets.

5. Esjay Cake Baking Pan Set Compatible with Ninja Foodi 6.5, 8Qt, Accessories Compatible with Instant Pot 6, 8Qt, Air Fryer Accessories Cake Baking Pan Set for 5.8 QT

Looking for a great Christmas gift for your family or friends? Look no further than the CAKE PAN SET COMPATIBLE WITH NINJA FOODI!

This multi-use set includes a leak-proof springform pan for making cheesecake, a fluted tube pan for banana bread, a round pizza pan for homemade pizza, and a loaf pan for meatloaf, all made of food-grade steel for even heating and durability.

q? encoding=utf8&asin=b089q8bv1b&format= sl320 &id=asinimage&marketplace=us&serviceversion=20070822&ws=1&tag=mayrika 20&language=en usesjay cake baking pan set

The set also comes with silicone baking cups, a trivet with handles, oven mitts, and a silicone pot holder for easy cooking and baking. The non-stick coating makes the cake easy to remove and the set is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.


  • Perfect for baking cakes and other desserts.
  • Cake pans and baking cups are dishwasher safe.
  • The pans are versatile, allowing you to cook a variety of foods.
  • The pans are lightweight.
  • The pan sets come with a spatula, two baking cups, a trivet, and an oven mitt.


  • The pans don’t fit some pots.

6. Deluxe Copper Crisper 2-Pcs Nonstick Oven Air Fryer Pan/Tray & Mesh Basket Set – Air Fryer in Oven – Ideal for French Fry – Frozen Food, Baking Sheet without Oil – Bonus Pizza Cutter – WHG

Looking for a healthier alternative to deep-fried foods? Look no further than the WHG copper crisper oven air fryer pan set! This set is designed 25% thicker than other similar products on the market, making it stronger and more durable.

q? encoding=utf8&asin=b07sy98j2y&format= sl320 &id=asinimage&marketplace=us&serviceversion=20070822&ws=1&tag=mayrika 20&language=en usdeluxe copper crisper 2-pcs nonstick oven air fryer pan/tray & mesh basket set

The stainless steel mesh basket is coated with ceramic, making it nonstick and heat evenly. The tray can be used as a pan or cookie sheet. With this set, you will get the same crispy results as a deep fryer without all the oil and calories.

The elevated mesh basket circulates heat around the food evenly, cooking it to perfection without burning. The non-stick pan and basket make cleanup a breeze. The Deluxe Copper Crisper Set is a great gift for any occasion.


  • The pans are dishwasher safe.
  • The pans are designed with handles so you can easily move them around.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to use.
  • A good investment.


  • It doesn’t come with a storage case.

7. HYTK 2Pcs Muffin Pan 4 Cup Standard Size Air Fryer Small Oven Cupcake Baking Pan Non-Stick No Toxic Carbon Steel

Looking for an easy and fun way to make delicious cupcakes at home? Look no further than the carbon steel no toxic square cupcake baking pan! This pan is made of high-quality materials and is dishwasher safe, making it a breeze to clean up.

q? encoding=utf8&asin=b072j97jp7&format= sl320 &id=asinimage&marketplace=us&serviceversion=20070822&ws=1&tag=mayrika 20&language=en ushytk 2pcs muffin pan 4 cup standard size air fryer small oven cupcake baking pan

With its nonstick coating, this pan is perfect for making perfect cupcakes every time. It’s also a great gift choice for your family and friends. Order yours today and start making beautiful cupcakes at home!


  • Made of non-toxic and safe material
  • Can bake cupcakes, muffins, cookies, bars, brownies, cakes, etc.
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for baking cupcakes
  • Convenient to carry


  • It does not have a rack.

8. Air Fryer Accessories (8 Inch), XL Air Fryer Accessories with Recipe Cookbook for Gowise Phillips USA Cozyna Airfryer

q? encoding=utf8&asin=b07qtjfrx7&format= sl320 &id=asinimage&marketplace=us&serviceversion=20070822&ws=1&tag=mayrika 20&language=en usair fryer accessories (8 inch), xl air fryer accessories

Looking for an accessory set that is compatible with all air fryer brands and models? Look no further than these Deep Fryers Accessories!

This set comes with 8 pieces that are perfect for the entire family, including a cake barrel, pizza pan, multi-purpose rack with skewers, silicone mat, egg bites molds with lid, silicone muffin cups, food tong, and metal holder. The accessories are made of 100% safe food-grade materials and are dishwasher safe.


  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Compatible with most air fryer brands
  • Ideal gift for a cook
  • BPA free
  • All accessories are food grade


  • A bit expensive

9. Silicone Sheet Pan Dividers for Cooking, No Stick Easy to Clean Silicone Baking Trays Pans for Oven Air Fryer with a Sheet Pan (8 Dividers, 1 Pan)

Looking for a better way to cook on a sheet pan? Look no further than these modular dividers! With these dividers, you can easily separate ingredients and flavors without having them mingle. Plus, these dividers are made of premium silicone, which is naturally non-stick, so clean-up is a breeze!

q? encoding=utf8&asin=b08v8yxk87&format= sl320 &id=asinimage&marketplace=us&serviceversion=20070822&ws=1&tag=mayrika 20&language=en ussilicone sheet pan dividers for cooking, no stick easy to clean silicone baking trays pans for oven air fryer

And because they’re stackable, they’re also space-saving. Plus, the 18-month return policy means that if you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund or replace your divider within 24 hours. So why not try a better way to cook today?


  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Reusable


  • A bit heavy

Final Thoughts

The best bakeware for an air fryer is something that is sturdy and will not warp. Metal or silicone are both good options, and make sure that whatever you choose is oven-safe. With the right bakeware, your air fryer can turn out delicious, healthy meals in no time!


  • What kind of bakeware can you use in an air fryer?

    When it comes to air fryers, there are a lot of different opinions on what kind of bakeware can be used. Some people say that you can only use air fryer-specific bakeware, while others say that any kind of bakeware can be used as long as it’s oven-safe.

    Personally, I’ve had good results using both types of bakeware. If you’re going to use non-air fryer-specific bakeware, make sure that it’s oven-safe first. That way, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of your bakeware melting or becoming damaged in the air fryer.

    Air fryers vary in size, so it’s important to make sure that your chosen bakeware is the appropriate size for your air fryer.

  • What is the best pan to use in an air fryer?

    When it comes to air frying, there are a few different things you need to consider. The size of the appliance, the type of food you’re cooking, and the type of pan you’re using are all important factors.

    There are a few different types of pans that can be used in an air fryer. The most common type is a wire rack or mesh basket. This type of pan is ideal for cooking small items like chicken nuggets or french fries.

    Another option is a baking sheet or tray. This may be better for cooking larger items like chicken breasts or fish fillets.

    The best pan to use in an air fryer really depends on what you’re cooking.

  • Can you put Pyrex in an air fryer?

    Yes, you can put Pyrex in an air fryer. Pyrex is a type of glass that is made to be used in ovens and microwaves. It is safe to use in an air fryer, but be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for using Pyrex in an air fryer.

  • What can’t you put in an air fryer?

    An air fryer is a small appliance that cooks food by circulating hot air around it. This cooking method produces food that is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

    Air fryers are available in both countertop and portable sizes, and they come with a variety of cooking presets to make it easy to cook your favorite foods.

    Despite its name, an air fryer is not limited to frying foods. You can also use an air fryer to bake, roast, and grill foods. In fact, you can even use an air fryer to prepare desserts. However, there are some things that you cannot put in an air fryer.

    Some items that you should not put in an air fryer include raw meat, poultry, or seafood; cheese; eggs; and doughnuts. These items can cause the appliance to overheat or become clogged.

  • Can you use silicone bakeware in an air fryer?

    Yes, silicone bakeware can be used in an air fryer. However, it is important to note that not all silicone bakeware is created equal.

    Some silicone bakeware is designed to withstand high temperatures, while other silicone bakeware is not.

    If you are using silicone bakeware that is not designed to withstand high temperatures, it is important to take precautions to avoid damage to your air fryer.

    First, make sure that the silicone bakeware is properly covered with cooking oil. This will help to prevent the silicone bakeware from sticking to the air fryer basket.

    Second, do not overload the air fryer with food. The more food you put in the air fryer at one time, the higher the risk of damage.

    Finally, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

  • Can I put parchment paper in an air fryer?

    The quick answer to this question is yes, you can put parchment paper in an air fryer. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when doing so. Parchment paper can help prevent food from sticking to the air fryer basket and make it easier to clean.

    However, it’s important not to use too much parchment paper or the food will not cook evenly. Also, be sure to keep an eye on the food while it’s cooking, as parchment paper may cause the food to brown more quickly than usual.

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